Our Organization has been subdivided into several integral specific units namely EXALT CONCLAVE, LABRATS,  WULFCULT, SILICONCRIB and RC NEP (Rotaract Club of Neptune Edification) all these divisions act as vital integral organs to the Organization each of which are individually unique but also complements each other to unify and act as a single umbrella.

Exalt Conclave provides a platform for open ideas and thoughts. Various events are facilitated to promote innovation and free thinking.

A semi-secret Research and Development Unit founded by Neptune Edification during the period 2013. All projects accredited to the LABRATS are being termed as “Think Pills”.

An audio and video production unit which operates as a fully fledged music publishing, marketing and merchandising entity.


Tasked with regards to all Information Technological aspects of the Organization which is now a fully fledged independent and creative unit which predominantly develops websites, social content management and technological needs of common popular brands.

The Rotaract Club of Neptune Edification (RC NEP) sponsored by Rotary Club of Katugastota was chartered as the third Rotaract Club in Kandy and the first and only Private Institute based Rotaract Club in Kandy. The club was awarded as the Best Newly chartered Roatarcy Club for 2015/16 and the District Citation by the Rotaract District 3220.

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